Chaos is Everywhere

Session 1 - Character Creation

Sept 12 – We got together for character creation. In a nutshell:

Bernolt of Ostland, A human thug makes his return from the early parts of the campaign. He is the only old character that will be a part of this campaign. Things of note: Bernolt calls his Club the “Peacemaker”.

Endles, an Elven Apprentice Wizard. He was delivering a message to the mages of Talabheim when the gates were sealed. Things of note: Endles is fairly aggressive in his use of Magic Dart, and was the last one standing in the grand melee on the training ground!

Oldric of Altdorf, a human bounty hunter hot on the trail of one “Nen Ran Brin” and elfish outlaw wanted for salve trading, buggery, and murder. Things of note: Oldric has a pierced nose, and prefers fighting with a net.

Otto the Red, a flame haired Estalian Diestro. This quick and nimble duelist finds himself within Talabheim on Forged papers, provided by none other than Eladio Solarzano of Talaabad! He was looking for a good dueling challenger when the gate of Talabheim were sealed. Things of note: Beside his red hair and blue eyes, this Estalian has a distinct, confident gait to his walk.

Fimakri the dwarven mercenary is the last of our party. Born in the boundaries of Stirland, this dwarf has travelled throughout the empire and even Kislev. He arrived in Talabheim seeking entry to the mercenary guild, but was robbed when he first arrived. Now he waits for work at the Three Apple’s Inn. Things of note: “Kri”, as his friends call him, prefers to use his Hand Axe and shield over his crossbow saying, “Fookin’ thang jest sloos me down”. Oh yeah, he also smells like cabbage.



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