Chaos is Everywhere

The past - 2nd Sessions

Chronicles of Chaos!

The second Game Sessions (Dec, 07 – Feb, 08)


GM: Steve

Player 1: Mike (Human Thug named Bernolt)

Player 2: Dickson (Unknown Race named Egmund)

Player 3: Rich (Human Tomb Robber named Hamlyn.

Hamlyn and Bernolt woke up in the Grey Eel Inn only to be informed by Chop Chop that Palemoon had packed up all her belongings and left in the night. Figures…  

Hamlyn's Grey Ague has been progressing and after an unsuccesful attempt by Bernolt to soothe him with Vodka, Hamlyn was befriended by a stranger and a glass of warm milk (warm milk? must be the yuletide season).
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After brief introductions the three, urged on by Bernolt, followed a large crowd of downtrodden Ostlanders who were trying to storm their way through the Wizard's pass. The crowd was subsenquently cut down by the City Garrison in a complete Bloodbath of cannon fire. The stranger (Edmund?) and Bernolt seemed unphased by the carnage, but alas port Hamlyn could not take such a sight, especially in his currently weakened state and succumbed further into insanity. 

After the massacre the three intrepid adventurer's decided to return to the residence of the now deceased Alchemist Weidenhoff. After suffering damage from a fall off the rope still attached to the balcony, bernolt decided to let the Stranger scale the rope to the balcony, which he accomplished with ease. bernolt then attempted to tie off Hamlyn to the rope in another dubious plan to have him hoisted up, where the Stranger informed them (after some exxagerated eye rolling) that proceeding through the front door which he would unlock woul be easier. the three now safe inside rejoined their now very deceased cotact still where they left him, slumped over his desk (poor poor Weidenhoff).

 A knock on the door alarmed the group, and Hamlyn rushed swiftly to answer the door wile Hamlyn hid upstairs with Weidenhoff who had no choice but to stay at his desk. Bernolt open the door and after yet another failed attempt to accomplish something (the dice Gods were not smiling, but this would change soon enough!), did not manage to pull the starnger inside- it was only after a an awe inspiring display of his muscles (and the uh hmm questionable marksmanship skills of the stranger, where did that arrow go?), did the messenger decide to enter the house.



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