Eladio Solorzano

Eladio has a bright and winning smile, with shaggy black hair and dark skin. He is a fiery Estalian with a quick temper.




Eladio's job as a fishmonger is just a cover.  He was providedas a point of contact by Capt. Nierhaus as a means to gain entry to Talabheim. FOund at the docks working as a fishmonger he agreed to meet the group later the "Crooked Shoe Tavern" in Taalagad.

He escorted the group through the "Dragon's Tongue" a series of caves and passages both natural and dwarven cut, to arrive in the city (behind a dye factory) of Talabheim.

Seemed to know a bit about the rat men rumored (and confirmed) to be stalking about the place.

Eladio Solorzano

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