Egmund (Nen Ran Brin)

An outlaw Elf from Altdorf. Deceived Hamlyn and Bernolt and managed to sneak into Talabheim with them.


Egmund met Hamlyn and Bernolt in Talabaad, and worked with them to device a means of entry into Talabheim. Upon entry, he was caught stealing Hamlyns things and trying to bugger him, while poor Hamlyn laid unconscious with the Gray Ague. Bernholt soundly smashed him upside his head with Peacemaker, but Egmund fled out a window.

What they don’t know is that “Egmund” is really the outlaw Nen Ran Brin of Altdorf, on the run from bounty hunters and wanted for Slave Trading, Murder and Buggery in that city!

Egmund (Nen Ran Brin)

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