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Pull up a chair lad, and listen close. Nuffin like a good story, one wif heroes, a’venture, dragons and armies fightin’ for good, right? Well, ye’ll get none o’ that here!!! Ha! This is the story of pure survival in the Empire! More’n likely ye’ll hear ‘bout Chaos and Plague, thiefs, scallywags and criminals… Goblins, Orcs, and Ogres… but ne’er skaven… ney, no skaven… they don’t exist lad.

So, where’s the story begin? Well, this one’s a bit o a mess, as it starts twice… the first time on da docks and in da slums of Talagaad… But dat is the ole stuff… the better stuff starts with a gatherin’... more recent stuff too…

So listen up laddie, and maybe… jest maybe… ye’ll here about a hero or two anyways…

  • “The Gathering”

Home Page

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